Friday, November 14, 2008

McCain campaigns for dirtbag Saxby Chambliss

U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)was at the Cobb Enery Performing Arts Center yesterday to to help reelect his Republican buddy Saxby Chambliss (R-Moultrie) to the U.S. Senate.

"Chambliss has been a steadfast defender of the taxpayer's dollar," said McCain. "He's been doing what we Republicans should have been doing the last eight years, and that's restrain spending."

Although Chambliss ended the General Election with a virtual tie against Jim Martain, he must a heavy favorite going into the Dec. 2 runoff. Georgia is a heavily Republican state and the voter turnout will be very different in the runoff.

During the Nov. 4 election, there were record numbers of voters, many of them who turned out to vote against the incumbents on all levels. Many of those voters were first-time voters, or cared only about the presidential race. During the runoff, those voters will be at home and not at the ballots.

I expect a stuanch showing from die-hard voters. These will typically be Republicans and many of them will vote for Chambliss as an anti-Obama/ anti-Democrat vote. It isn't wrong for them to do that. They believe Chambliss and the Republicans will represent their view's best.

I personally am not a fan of Chambliss and it's not because of his political views or how he has performed in office. It is because of his 2002 campaign agianst Max Cleland, which Chambliss won to hold his current office. Cleland, is a war hero that is now confined to a wheelchair and is a triple amputee from his service to this country. During the campaign, Chambliss released a commercial that compared Cleland to the likes of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Yea, that's right. Don't believe me? Here is the commercial.

You can question Cleland's political record (which by most accounts was outstanding) but to compare this war hero to two of the world's most hated men is inexcusable. I find it hard to look past Chambliss' dirty campaigning to ever consider voting for him.

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Seth said...

I am quite tired of the dirty campaigning. Politicos nowadays spend more time telling you how bad the other guy is than what they themselves plan on doing. I don't need any help disliking most politicians, and by smearing others, I usually dislike you more. But I guess it works, otherwise those ads would stop. I guess we just need more educated voters, as opposed to those who just vote based on commercials. I may let an ad talk me into a cheeseburger vs. a taco, but not one person over another.