Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thunder and Friday Night Drags

I just got back from the Atlanta Motor Speedway where they had a press event to announce the 11th season of Thursday Thunder and Friday Night Drags.

These are really some exciting race events. I am not a huge race fan, but I have been to a few Thursday Thunder events and they are really quite fun. AMS does a good job of mixing in some entertainment with its racing.  

In some ways, I thought it was more fun than an actual NASCAR event. Part of that is because I am not a NASCAR fan, but part of that is because there is always something going on at these smaller races. There is always some little side show and funny games involving the crowd. Plus, it is very inexpensive. 

Brandon Hutchinson from AMS said he recently went with his son to watch a car racing movie. The matinee cost him $26 after tickets and concessions. He said he could have take his son to watch an actual race at the AMS and gotten concessions for $11.

Certainly, these events don't have the big stars like Jeff Gordon and Junior, but that also means there is a lot more fan access. It is certainly worth checking out, especially for families looking for an inexpensive, fun evening. 

For more info, check out Also, I will post an article on the races later this week.

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