Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The iPhone 3G isn't as expensive as you think

Like many of you, I am salivating over the new iPhone 3G. I mean what isn't to like? It just costs $199 and comes with GPS navigation and numerous other new applications. 

So, I marked my calendar and prepared to buy a new iPhone on July 11 when Apple will begin selling it. I should at least consider the monthly cost of this puppy so I did some research and was initially set back. 

According to the AT&T release, the cheapest plan for the iPhone includes a $30 data plan (up from the original $20 plan for the first iPhone) which must be paired with a calling plan. Since the cheapest calling plan is $40, it seems the iPhone would cost me roughly $70 a month.

This isn't an outrageous price, but when I am currently paying less than $60 a month for two cell phones seemed a little steep. In order for me to keep two lines I would either have to have 2 separate  lines from 2 carriers, or buy two iPhones and purchase a family plan. 

The two separate lines wouldn't make much sense for me. I would have to pay the monthly $70 bill and my wife would have to pay about $40 for her phone. 

If we got the family plan, we would have to spend $400 on iPhones and then pay a monthly fee of at least $100.

Either option seemed too pricey for me. But I started to wonder, do I really need that $30 data package? I mean, I am almost always around a wireless internet connection. I have wireless available to me at work and at my house. Would the iPhone work without that data thing?

So, I called AT&T to ask. According to them, I do not need the data package and would not be required to buy one when I purchased the new phone. The data package is simply there so you can connect when you are not in a hot spot. 

That means I could simply buy a voice plan for the iPhone. Instead of paying $70 a month, I am looking at a fee of $40 a month which is much more acceptable.

I certainly hope the voice plan will drop in price, but for all the extras you get with this phone, I don't mind paying a little more. I don't want to double my cell phone bill as I thought I would have too, but I can handle paying a small amount more. 

I do hope that Apple and iPod make it well known that the phone will work with out the data package. But I doubt they will, considering all the money they can rake in from it.


ben said...

are you sure the iphone is treated differntly in many aspects and be sure you asked about the iphone and not in genaral

impeachedmagazine said...

Yea, I made it clear that I wanted info on the new 3G iPhone coming out in July. I was skeptical before I called because I didn't think they would have any real detail info for me. But the guy I spoke to seemed very knowledgeable about the new iPhone.