Friday, July 25, 2008

An example of what's wrong with politics

State Sen. Nancy Schaefer is looking for a boost before the Republican primary runoff on Aug. 5. Schaefer, the incumbent candidate, is even willing to bend the truth in a way that I believe misleads voters. It is wrong in so many ways and is exactly what discourages me about politics.

She recently sent out a flyer with a quote from Gov. Sonny Perdue. It seems like a ringing endorsement. Problem is, it's not. Instead, it is just a flattering quote. When you put it on campaign literature, it seems more like an endorsement and less like a kind comment.

Here is what the flyer says:

The problem is, Perdue isn't endorsing anyone for this race. Here is what he said about it:

“I trust the people of that Senate district to make their decisions. I don’t think they need a governor sitting in Atlanta from middle Georgia trying to tell them how to make those decisions. I know I had a few calls over a mail-out that was done.

“It was unfortunate. I had not had any conversation with either of the candidates - either of the three candidates - in there regarding any kind of endorsements, and some people felt I had chosen sides and it was not the case and it’s not the case today,” he said.

The question was raised a few minutes later in the program by a caller, and Perdue reiterated that he had “absolutely not” endorsed anyone in the race. “If I were up there, I could be a little offended if the governor was trying to tell me how to elect my legislative representative.”

You see, politicians aren't afraid to use things and take them out of context. While they may not be telling a lie, they certainly bend it in their favor. It is frustrating to have to deal with these types of games instead of dealing with honest, up front people.

I hope Schaefer loses her reelection bid and is replaced with someone the voters can trust.

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