Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A tough year for the number 7

For years the number seven has been synonymous with success. Perhaps it became popular with God created the world and rested on the seventh day. Or perhaps it had something to do with Mickey Mantle, who wore number seven and had a love affair with the nation as a baseball great. Whenever it started, the number seven has had a powerful aura for a long time.

That is until recently.

Earlier this month, the city of Atlanta decided to close down Fire Station No. 7. The city is facing a major budget crisis and Mayor Shirley Franklin decided closing the city's oldest fire station would help. While the decision might help the financial woes, I wonder how residents in that area are allowed to burn. I mean it is kinda like saying, we're going to save some cents and all of you on fire can just stay on fire. (Note to self, don't catch fire in Atlanta)

But I digress. This is about the number seven, not about mass riots and spreading fires.

Our local Atlanta teams have done a pretty good job of diminishing the meaning of number seven recently. The face of arguably Atlanta's most popular team wears number seven and all he has done is be a disgrace. Of course I am talking about Jeff Francour and the Atlanta Braves. The golden boy that grew up in the metro area, can't hit a lick and is struggling in the field. He was even sent to the minors to get his head straight. How can the future star of this organization bounce between the majors and the minors? Since he has been called up, he hasn't been much better. Just last night, the Florida Marlins walked three batters in front of him. What does no. 7 do? Swing at the first three pitches and strike out at a very very high fastball, There's your star, doing what he has done best this season-striking out.

And then there is no. 7 for the Atlanta Falcons. The well-documented Mike Vick disaster that decimated the team and the status of the number 7.

There is an old and corny joke that asks why the number 6 was scared (because 789, of course). But right now, it appears the number 7 is the one shaking in its boots.

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