Thursday, June 12, 2008

Atlanta Hawks Mike Woodson gets an extension?

There are very early reports that Atlanta Hawks head coach Mike Woodson will be signing a new three year extension.

Now, Woodson seems like a nice enough guy, buy WHY would you want him back?

In the four years he has already been in Atlanta he has garnered a record of 106-222. While he has managed to improve slightly each year, he has constantly failed to get his very talented team to play under pressure. 

Before the Celtics series, Woody was a complete disaster. All the talk was how this team shouldn't be struggling to get in the playoffs, there was simply too much talent for them to play so bad. But they managed to back into the playoffs. They finally played inspired basketball (at home anyway). Until the biggest game. In game 7 they laid an egg. The coach again showed he cannot inspire his team.

Also, he has trouble developing players. Woodson and Josh Smith haven't seen eye to eye for some time. Woodson can't seem to explain to Smith that his strength is in the inside. Smith continues to throw up 3-pointers and ugly jump shots. Woodson has done nothing to improve Smith's game.

So given the fact that Woodson is back, it makes one wonder if the team is also giving up on Smith. He is too talented to let get away and with proper coaching (say anyone other than Woody) Smith could be one of the game's elite.

Woodson, your a good guy, but a sub-par coach. The Hawks need someone to come in here to kick some ass and teach these young players. They need someone with some fire to come in here and set this thing straight. Woody, you're just not that man.


SefDawg said...

I understand wanting him to go, but honestly, who could we have gotten to replace him? The big names are employed, and if you get a first-time head coach, you basically have the same thing since Mike is just getting down "this basketball thing." I say give him a year or two more. Now that Billy Knight is gone, maybe the coach can build his own team.

impeachedmagazine said...

We could have brought Avery Johnson in here. Then we would actually have a coach the players respect. I agree we don't need a rookie coach, but there are a few good candidates out there