Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What is Impeached?

I have been trying to define Impeached Magazine for some time. Is it a comedy site, a news site or even a sports site? The focus of Impeached has been cloudy since day one. That is mostly due to financial and time restraints, but it is also just a maturing process all publications must go through.

When this first launched, Impeached was going to report on breaking news and throw in a heavy dose of satire to make readers come back. Sounds great, but rather lofty. I quickly discovered there was just no way we could provide breaking news in a timely and funny manner.

So, I decided we would just be a general interest publication--a place for metro Atlantans to turn to for a quick, fun article. That's fine, but rather boring. Nothing made Impeached stand out from the crowd and our intent has always been to focus heavily on politics. During this time, Impeached grew to cover sports and local scene stories. We know readers want more than just politics shoved down there throat, so here was a little flare. These sections will remain a part of Impeached, but will be altered as we move into another phase.
So, here is the new look of Impeached. We will focus on biting commentary which focus heavily on local politics. We will branch out to cover all things the people are talking about. We will not cover breaking news. There are plenty of local news outlets that do this already. We will talk about these events, and occasionally our articles will open new conversations in the community, but we will not strive to be there first.
I have been studying the Great Speckled Bird (the revolutionary Atlanta paper from the 70s) and Impeached will strive to me like the Bird in many ways. I recently saw this quote which originally ran in the Bird on August 20, 1973:

"In this world of corporate bigness, greed, private interest, exploitation, and cynicism, the BIRD stands in opposition, trying to tell the truth that doesn't fit into the established interests' world and trying to help build a consciousness and a movement to change this country and the world. We think that is something important to do."
This is exactly what Impeached will aim to be.
But how will we do it? The Bird had things like Vietnam and civil rights to confront. What does Impeached have to fight? On the national level, there is a war going on in Iraq and on terrorism. Gas prices are climbing. The president's approval rating is tumbling. There is a historic battle to see who will be the next president. Locally, there are more issues. Why is Brian Nichols' trial taking so long? Has Shirley Franklin really done anything to better Atlanta? Is Bob Barr for real?
Indeed, the world of corporate bigness, greed, private interest, exploitation and cynicism is pressing on us more than it ever has before. In the spirit of the Bird, we will tackle these issues and build a consciousness among our readers.

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SefDawg said...

This is a noble cause that you've set before yourself. I'm nominating you for Most Political Brotha! Whenever I see someone with a passion for something they love to do, I want to help. So just let a Brotha know what he can do to get Impeached to the masses. I may be a bit more conservative than yourself, but I enjoy Impeached alot. Funny is funny. 5 Fly 'til I Die!