Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lindsay Lohan for president!!

OK, let's face it all the presidential candidates are mediocre at best. Sure there is a ton of interest in this election cycle, but it is only because our current president is so unpopular. I mean, George W. Bush is even giving money out and nobody likes him (I'll save that for another post).

But this current batch is only popular because they aren't W. But face it, McCain is too old. As soon as he took office, he would probably drop dead or get Parkinson's disease. The last thing we need is the leader of our nation shaking and mumbling as he spoke to foreign leaders. His State of the Union addresses would drag on and on. But on the plus side, he could find part-time work as the Crypt Keeper. Is that show still on?

Barack Obama is too black. Let's face it, it's a white man's world. Sorry but it is true. Don't believe me? How many black presidents have we had? Oh you think it is finally time for a change. Maybe so, but the problem is as soon as a black man rises to power, the tend to get shot. Now, I personally like Obama, but let's face it, history hasn't been kind to black leaders. Malcom X was shot, Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot. Tupac and Biggie? Shot. The only black that has risen to a national power and not be shot was Colin Powell and he is about as white as it gets.

Now on to Hilary. I will give you one reason why she can't be a good president--Bill. Yea, he was very popular, but if he could cheat on his wife how could any country take her seriously. Plus, Hilary is a mean, manipulating woman that people just don't like. 

But I will tell you who should be president-- Lindsay Lohan. That's right, did you see her in New York Magazine? She looked rather presidential didn't she? It was in that 'hiding under the desk of the Oval Office' way, but still presidential. She has that mystique about her. She can go to rehab numerous times and still not clean herself up. Point is, she is determined. She could just as easily be as stubborn about terrorism as she is about her drug use. And don't think drug use would keep her out of the White House, George W. already showed us that drinking and doing lines of coke only enhance political careers. 

So, screw the other candidates, vote for Lindsay Lohan--the sexiest president ever (sorry JFK)!

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Anonymous said...

she can't be as bad at being President as she is at acting!