Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mike Bibby traded to the Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks may finally have their point guard. Reports are claiming the Hawks are trading Sheldon Williams, Anthony Johnson and Tyrone Lue for Mike Bibby.
It is tough to see how this is anything but a positive for the struggling Hawks, who have recently passed on All-Star point guards Brandon Roy and Chris Paul in the draft.
Sheldon Williams will have one more year on his contract after the season. Johnson and Lue's contracts both expire after this season, freeing up some cap space for the Kings. Williams has one last chance to prove he is a real NBA player. After the Hawks drafted him with the number 5 overall pick in 2005 (which many fans think was too high) he is averaging only 2.9 points and 2.9 rebounds per game.
With a good point guard to gel all the young talent the Hawks have, this move might help the Hawks move out of the cellar of the East and get some attention. The Hawks are currently hanging on to the 7th and final playoff spot, but have been playing poorly recently.
What do you think? Does this move have an immediate impact for the Hawks. Can they be real contenders in the East? Does this save coach Mike Woodson's job for now?

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