Wednesday, August 27, 2008

HIlary was boring

Well, she did what she was suppose to do at the Democratic National Convention. Hilary Clinton gave a good speech (not great) urging her supporters to back Barack Obama, but I must say it was extremely boring.

There was nothing that memorable about the speech. Sure she is a good public speaker and she was very polished last night, but the speech was missing something. She took a couple of small jabs at John McCain, but nothing worth mentioning.

In fact the most memorable quote from the night came from Bob Casey who claimed McCain voted with George W. Bush on more than 90 percent of all votes. He then said, "That's not a maverick, that's a sidekick!"

He asked why the Republicans deserved 4 more years and began a chant of only "4 more months!"

It was pretty powerful. Agree with him or not, his point was well made and memorable.

The problem is, no one heard this speech. It came on before Hilary and the major tv networks only carried her speech. You had to listen to it on the radio or watch it on GPTV (which I mean, how many people really watch that?). So, it was mostly a wasted speech.

Tonight will Bill Clinton and Joe Biden speak, they should mix it up a little more. I am not for dirty politics and mud slinging, but I feel Obama has to answer some of McCain's recent attacks. Obama doesn't have to attack back, but he has to make his presence known.

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