Thursday, August 21, 2008

Joe Liberman to be McCain's running mate?

Former Democrat-turned-Independent Joe Liberman might be the next big thing as a Republican. (You remember he was Al Gore's running mate).

Here is a quote from the Washington Times:

Officials with John McCain’s campaign made a series of conference calls Monday and Tuesday with supporters nationwide to say that Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman may be named as the Arizona senator’s vice presidential running mate, immediately sparking a frenzied effort by some state Republican officials to come up with a strategy to head off such a move….

On one hand, I can understand him switching parties because he is very conservative and tends to vote in line with the Repbulicans. But on the other hand is this a flip-flop? I mean does he change parties at a whim?

Considering Liberman's conservative background, this is a very interesting pick. McCain is considered by many to me a very liberal Republican. Liberman could balance that out and could draw more votes from diehard Repbublicans. Then again, it is also Liberman, the former Democrat that would be one of the leaders of the party.

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