Friday, August 8, 2008

What if Hilary Clinton was Barack Obama's vice president?

OK, I know it sounds crazy, but a Obama/Clinton ticket may be just the thing the Democrats need. Certainly there would be a power struggle and some awkwardness between the the two, making this idea nearly impossible, but think about it.

The race between Clinton and Obama was ugly and divisive. There is a huge number of voters out there that wanted nothing more than to see Hilary win it all. When she was defeated, it turned many of them away in disgust.

If Obama named her VP, many of these voters would jump back on board. There would be an excitement about not only having a black man on the ticket, but also a woman. Sure Obama's run has been historic for race relations, just imagine adding a woman to the ticket.

It would be a nice set up for Hilary if she accepted the position. Assuming they won, it could keep her near the top of the list of potential presidential candidates down the road.

There are rumors that the Clinton clan is actually very bitter and wants to see Obama lose so Hilary can run again in 4 years. Those rumors should be squashed when Bill Clinton is a keynote speaker at the Democratic convention and adding Hilary to the ticket would help keep the Clintons among Democratic royalty.

Just imagine if Bill ends his speech by calling his wife on stage and introduces her as the next vice president. It would cause a huge media buzz.

For the reasons I stated, there is a very slim chance of this actually happening. Do you think it could work? If not, who would make a better VP for either Barack or John McCain?


Anonymous said...

All plausible reasoning, but we have to bear in mind that we are electing these individuals to govern for the next four years. The overriding consideration really should be who will best serve an Obama administration in this capacity. Clinton would be one plausible alternative, but there would be many others who deserve consideration: Sebelius, Bayh, Schweitzer, Richardson, etc.

impeachedmagazine said...

You are right to say we should ask who would govern and help Obama the most. Unfortunately, politics tends to be more about getting elected than how you actually doing the job.

Sefdawg said...

I also belive that Hillary would take a supreme court seat. I understand that as many as three spots could open up in the next 1-2 Presidential terms. I think you are correct that alot of democrats that supported Hillary are furious. I'm not sure they want Obama to lose though.