Thursday, August 7, 2008

Newt pushes for drilling

There has been a lot of discussion about drilling for oil recently. Yesterday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich spoke at the Capitol to push for drilling.

It seems Barak Obama would rather put air in our tires than drill and John McCain is all for drilling while putting up tons of nuclear plants.

I think the nuclear plants are way to drastic. I certainly don't want to live anywhere near one. The answer is somewhere in the middle. Can't we drill for some oil while we aggressively research alternative fuels?

What do you think the solution is?


John Wood said...

It is time to get real about this subject. It is called the reserves to production ratio, i.e. how long before you use the stuff up that is in the ground. In relation to the U.S., that's just over 21 years before it is ALL gone. So the question becomes, can we find, put in place, and get the good folks to buy into an alternative to oil in 20 years? If we can't, were screwed, and we should hold a yard sale for China and Russia :-)

Anonymous said...

21 years? I haven't heard that, but if that is true, we are in some deep $%^!