Sunday, August 3, 2008

RIP- Skip Caray dies at 68

It is a sad day in baseball. It has just been announced that Skip Caray, the voice of the Atlanta Braves, passed away today.

I remember watching Braves games everyday growing up and that cantankerous style of his became something I grew to love. Now whenever I hear another broadcaster, I always compare them to Skip, and it seems none of them measure up.

Thanks Skip for all you were. You were special to so many people.

If you have a favorite Skip memory, please share it. There are many for me, like the time Sid slid and of course when we won the World Series. Then of course there are the times from the many losing seasons the Braves had. It wasn't uncommon for him to pull out the ol' TV guide and tell viewers what they could be watching instead.

Now, please, if you have one of those Skip moments, let me hear about it.

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